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"I'm actually Count Bleck, something with my experiments went wrong

I'm trapped in the earthly body of a goose, whilst my mind wants to conquer universes...

This is very annoying, because I EXPECT to be approached with extremely deep respect, but they approach me as if im a goose! 

How to tell them I'm not a goose, but Count Bleck? It's so annoying being stuck in this goose-body!

I try to rebel, so you notice me, cause I'm not the cattle my body is portraying but Count Bleck!  Stuck in a gooses-body!

They might laugh with me now, think that this is funny, the ways I'm trying to convince my companions I'm one of them, but that's very difficult if you look like a goose...

That's my problem, I'm Count Bleck, but cannot prove it in any way, as the ways a goose can speak his mind, are limited. 

Do you have any idea how annoying this is? 

If I have to stay in this chicken-body much longer, I manipulate it to run of a cliff, cause living like this, is so annoying, and so embarrassing, that I maybe don't want to live anymore. 

Who wants to live as a goose, whilst I'm one of the mightiest sorceress ever? 

You can look at it, like a certain magical test went wrong, and I  had to pay the price  for it. 

I knew rhe risks, I just never assumed it would transmorph me into a goose's body, and I would run around endlessly, to proof I'm not a goose, but Count Bleck!."

aangepast door Mr.Gans
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Getting lost singing their song, oh
Caught up in all I've done, oh
It's all I know, but not what I need, oh
Cut by my love, cut till I bleed

So I want to run to your shelter tonight
Run to the shelter tonight
United in silent resistance
Of bowing to false kings

So let me run to your shelter tonight
Run from this meaningless pantomime
I'll swallow my pride, give up the pretence
Of bowing to false kings

Bought their smiles, liquid and smooth
Took their words for the truth, hey
Edge of light and shade, ah
My broken soul once more enslaved

So I want to run to your shelter tonight...
... I see the false kings
I see that all this
Must end

When there' s no love in my embrace
Cold blood runs through my veins
If I soar without grace
Do I still soar
I need the love in your embrace
Open doors, brand new ways
End my wars and erase
And I'm yours

So I want to run to your shelter tonight..
... I'll swallow my pride, give up the pretence
Yes, I wined and, and I dined on, on that cyanide

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